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Our goal is to create a keepsake of your sweet pets and provide sentimental gifts from Carmel by the Sea. We look forward to seeing you soon! If you'd like to follow along for more, follow us on instagram @pawshportraitscarmel 


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Senior Sessions PLUS This senior really impressed me with his positive attitude and willingness to have his photo taken. I'm always unsure how a guy will respond to having a camera in his face. More often than not, Male subjects reluctantly pose and don't like to smile until they realize it's not that bad. In this case, he was awesome to photograph!

When hired to do senior sessions, it's usually a great opportunity for the family to get updated photos of the siblings (and/or pets) too! This shoot was going so well that we had plenty of time for some extras! This is great because it adds a nice variety to my clients proof album. When they thought they would get some wallets and an 8x10 of their favorite photo, now they have enough to make a nice coffee table book, graduation announcement, and potentially even their next holiday cards. People like options! Giving that extra effort has helped develop long lasting client relationships. No matter where my career takes me, I will always have time for these clients.


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Kellen Hello there!

So last week I had a fun photo shoot with a film maker. It is really fun working with someone who looks at light and compositions in a similar way. I do not pretend to know anything about shooting video but we definitely share a passion for creating a mood and producing some creative shots. If you would like to take a look at his work and follow what new things are in store here is a link to his fb page:


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SPCA for Monterey County Wag n' Walk Event


If you live around Monterey County, you have probably heard of the annual Wag n' Walk that benefits the SPCA. Everyone gathers with their dogs to walk from Shoreline Park all the way to Lovers Point and back. After the walk, everyone is welcome to participate in really cute contests. Many sit with their furry friends and watch the contests over a picnic lunch or peruse the sponsored booths. This is the first year I have photographed the event. My favorite part happened on the trail from the aquarium back to the park. I got a chance to stop and visit with some Wag N Walkers while they rested in the shade--which provided some great photo opportunities. Everyone would introduce their dogs and tell me amazing stories of healing, rehabilitation, unconditional love, and "happily-ever-afters". I have photographed dozens of adoptable dogs, and to hear these stories filled me with joy. Thanks to some great feedback I already have fun ideas planned for Wag N Walk 2014. If you have other ideas on creative ways to capture your pups and their personalities, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you so much for sharing your stories and allowing me to snuggle with your dogs!

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SPCAMC Pet Portraits This weekend I went to the SPCA to do little portraits for some adoptables there. You might wonder how I don't end up bringing every one of them home. I really would if I were able to have pets where I live. I guess spending time with them and getting their photos out there is the way I fit animal love into my life. When we buy a house though....I'm sure one of them will choose us, like it or not. Mackenzie wants a dog so bad! Please enjoy and feel free to 'like' the SPCAMC on facebook to see more cute photos and updates! Please visit the SPCAMC website to view current adoptable animals. Also, if you would like to get involved in adorable animal photo shoots don't hesitate to volunteer with us! It is so fun! Check out the volunteer section on their website.

Pups from top to bottom: Parker, Mr. Pibbs, Kaylee, Jill, and Rasta.

Meet Parker, who clearly loves a good snuggle!




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Easter Session with Epic   I have had the pleasure of taking photos of quite a lot of little kiddos now. I can say, without a doubt, this was the easiest and probably quickest session I've ever done. Epic is so sweet to his pet bunny. He took really well to his new chicks too! He would happily sit and pose anywhere we put him. Mom would say "Smile!" and he would look right at me and smile. I almost didn't know what to do with myself! Haha! I think he looks just like what I would imagine angels look like. Brace yourselves for one adorable little man!

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Easter Session with Nicolas I can only imagine the attention this little man gets when he is out with Mom. No one can resist a curly redhead with rosey cheeks! Throw in some baby chicks and you have cuteness overload. I really did think my heart could burst while editing these Easter sessions. Please enjoy these sample shoots and feel free to contact me to set up one for yourself! <3

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Main St. Bakery Luz the Cake Lady opened up a GREAT little bakery in Salinas called Main St. Bakery. It's located right across the street from Salinas High School. (Go Cowboys!)  I wish they were there when I was in high school!! I love to go grab a quick lunch from there. (Just had some delicious asada tacos after taking these photos.) If you do go grab lunch you must grab a cupcake too! Her baking is unreal. Here are photos of a fun cake she made for a client inspired by the book 50 Shades of Gray. So cool.


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Easter Sessions  My sister-in-law sent Mackenzie (my daughter) some adorable little dresses and I knew I wanted cute photos of her in them. This made me think other parents are dressing their kids up in their Sunday best and may want professional pictures of it! When I mentioned the idea of Easter mini-sessions everyone said it would be cute to use live chicks, bunnies, and lambs. I figured I would give this a little test run. Here is Miss Tennley Rose at her Easter session!



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Country Engagement Session I love any excuse to be around dogs and horses! This soon-to-be-married couple made my day when I read their pre-engagement profile. They are all about their country lifestyle and I am all about it too! I fell in love with Molly, their lab, who enjoyed photo bombing throughout our session. We had a great time at their ranch and I am very excited to be photographing their wedding soon! Thank you again Justin and Summer for allowing me to share some of your photos! <3






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Valentine Session The beginning of the year always starts out with fun, romantic, and flirty sessions for Valentine's Day. Here is a little peek into our most recent session with Richelle! Hair and makeup was done at Toni & Michelle by Staci. Location for the shoot is Toro Park in Salinas, CA.


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Photographing a Horse

Hello there! I have been very excited to be working with a great team of people that aim to enhance barn animal adoption photos. You know, the rescue photos that say "Just love me!" Puppies and kitties I've had more experience to get great glamour shots. Big barn animals (like horses) don't have a little studio with perfect lighting. I've researched photos of horses all over the internet trying to observe flattering angles. I spoke with horse owners to get input on what they look for when buying a horse. With this information in mind, and a willing friend, I was able to practice with her horse. Our kids came along and will be co-starring in the slideshow.

One important detail for an adoptable horse photo is a saddle. This shows they can be saddled; disproving any misconception that rescue horses are damaged pasture pets. Horses typically do NOT like a fill flash...or any kind of flash for that matter...noted. They also don't care for being shot from behind (self-concious I'm sure). Shooting low and having the sun behind me seems to be the most flattering. A flag or plastic bag flapping in the wind tends to get the pretty pose (head up ears forward). For best results, we want a team of 3 people. I really hope to develop a solid standard for the horse photos if I can.

If any of this work can raise awareness of how many sweet, safe, beautiful barn animals are available for adoption then I will be elated. As things progress I hope these animals find even more support, donations, and adoptions.

Please feel free to share any ideas you may have to make great adoptable horse photos!

A special thank you to Eyreka, Aaron, Tennley, Geoff, Mackenzie, and of course Miss Sapphire.


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